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Hospice Marketing

Brazzell Marketing Agency helps hospice agencies across the country implement a variety of marketing strategies. Below, we catalog the top strategies for hospice marketing, in order of importance. If you are looking for a collection of marketing strategies for a different provider type, be sure to check out our home page.

Hospice marketing divides into two broad categories. First, hospice agencies need to maintain and maximize a steady flow of referrals from doctors and other healthcare professionals with the help of referral-source marketing. Second, many families find themselves searching for hospice information on their own, so hospice agencies should also engage in direct-to-family marketing. Here, we link to the top marketing strategies and techniques for each.

Hospice Marketing to Increase Referrals from Doctors and Discharge Planners

Referral Doubling Strategy

Multiple referral-based healthcare providers have used this marketing technique to double referrals from doctors and discharge planners after only three months. Learn how. FREE. No obligation. Download our presentation that explains why this strategy works for hospice marketing and how to implement it. Ideally, you will let Brazzell Marketing Agency implement the Referral Doubling Strategy for your hospice agency. The Referral Doubling Strategy is core referral-based marketing and strongly recommended for every hospice agency already receiving six or more referrals per month.

Search Engine Marketing for Hospice

Search Results Now

When families start having questions about hospice, they often try those questions in Internet search, especially Google. In most hospice service areas, more than 50,000 searches like this are taking place every month. Because these people are actively searching for hospice information, putting your message in front of this group is more valuable than any other ad placement a hospice agency can make. Brazzell's Search Results Now program pays the search engines directly for targeted traffic, so your agency gets on the top of relevant search results literally overnight.

Online Advvertising to Doctors for Hospice

Facebook Referral Source Marketing

Doctors prove so valuable to the success of a hospice agency that hospice agencies need to use any and every means available to stay in front of them without annoying them. Using Facebook's advanced ad targeting capabilities, Brazzell Marketing Agency designs hospice advertising campaigns that display only for the right types of doctors and their staff. For about 2 pennies per ad view (all inclusive) the referral sources in your area can be seeing your agency online multiple times per week.

Audio Target Marketing: Highly Targeted Healthcare advertising over combined internet radio and podcast outlets such as Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Cloud 10, and more

Audio Target Marketing SM

Highly targeted healthcare marketing over combined internet radio outlets such as Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Cloud 10, and much more. Leverage the warmth and persuasiveness of the human voice to promote hospice and your brand with the audiences that matter most in hospice marketing. The size of the combined Audio Target Marketing audience rivals Facebook, and, for hospice agencies marketing to their neighborhoods and communities, this advertising platform offers a number of advantages that make it a top choice.

Hospice Agency Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Get on the top of Google's organic (free) search results and stay there. Use content on your page and across the Internet to help search engines understand what your website is about and how important your website is. Brazzell's Search Engine Optimization package has distilled SEO practices down to the handful of activities that achieve the largest result for the lowest cost.

Cost-effective hospice marketing over streamig TV.

Video Target Marketing SM

Precision-targeted, hospice advertising, that your audience sees on their TVs. All-inclusive pricing starts at around $200 per month, including the production of your national-quality TV commercial. Build your brand with impressive commercials, individually delivered over streaming channels, for pennies per ad view. Maximize return on investment by not wasting a single advertising dollar on people outside your target audience.

The best choice for Hospice Advertising to the public

Facebook Target Marketing

If building your brand in your community using media such as billboards or newspaper is part of your overall marketing strategy, consider Facebook Target Marketing. or about 2 pennies per ad view, (all-inclusive) you can have advertising campaigns targeted by age, precise geography, and even online behavior of looking for hospice or palliative care.

Getting Started

Brazzell Marketing Agency makes it easy for hospice agencies to accomplish more with marketing. Call or email with any questions. When ready, download the order forms for the hospice marketing campaigns you want to use. Most order forms are only one page. Print, complete, and return the order forms. For most hospice marketing projects, we will contact you to schedule a telephone consultation. After consultation, Brazzell Marketing Agency will do the work of researching, writing, designing, producing, and distributing your hospice marketing.

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