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Great for Home Health and Physical Therapy

Realistic Potential for Return on Investment

Both Medicare certified home health care and physical therapy have potential for realistic return on investment from patient newsletters. Advertising to the general public often has limited results for home health and physical therapy, because doctors and other prescribers tend to drive the direction of referrals and because such a small percentage of the general population currently qualifies for those services. However, there is one group of people who is more likely than any population group to:
  • need and qualify for home health or physical therapy services in the near future and
  • have a doctor who is likely to certify your plan of care.
You guessed it! Your past patients are the group most likely to have a current need for your services. With the exception of advertising to your referral sources, you can expect a higher response rate from advertising to past patients than with any other target audience available to you. If you have reached a point where you have 1,000 past patients you can put on a mail list, you have reached the point where you can achieve positive return on investment while putting out a high quality, completely custom newsletter.

With home health's average profit per episode of $700, an agency would only need an average response rate of 0.003 to achieve a 70% return on investment. Below, we break the costs down into three components. You can choose full service, or pick and choose the components you want to do yourself.

Home Health or Physical Therapy Patient Newsletter: 8.5"x11", 100lb gloss book paper, full color, tri-fold for horizontal unfolding.
Research, Writing, & Design: $318

No templates. Templates are the enemy of effective branding. The colors, the design, the subject material, the writing will all be tailored to fit your branding, your sales strengths, and your marketing needs. Only this will maximize your return on investment and improve your brand equity.

Printing 1,000 Copies: $218
Mailing: $697
(presorting, addressing, standard mail, 1000, self-mail pieces)

Total price for 1,000 custom newsletters: $1,233  ($1.23 each)

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