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Video Target Marketing / Precision Healthcare Advertising on Every Screen: HGTV, TV LAND, Trvl Channel, YouTube Movies, tubi, pluto tv, Saturday Night Live, TODAY, A&E, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, NBC Sports Network, USA, Paramount Network

Video Target Marketing SM

Highly targeted healthcare advertising that your community sees on TV.

In your community, people are canceling their cable boxes and embracing the streaming-media revolution. Now, for pennies per impression, (with all-inclusive pricing starting around $200 per month) you can build your brand through commercials seen on TV and other streaming outlets. Your 15-second, non-skippable commercials can be inserted in premium content such as A&E, Discovery, HGTV,, HISTORY, TLC, CMT, USA, Nat Geo, Travel Channel, etc. Moreover, your commercials are not broadcast; they are streamed to the individuals most likely to become profitable clients/patients. Target the audience that will give your campaign the highest return on investment using factors such as age, income, gender, location, and many other possibilities. With Brazzell Marketing Agency, achieve the highest return on investment possible by never wasting advertising dollars on people not in your target audience.

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Samples of Custom Commercial Production for Video Target Marketing

AI generated image of a senior woman infront of many TVs, all with different programs

Where People See Your Ads

Video Target Marketing proves more cost-effective because it does not pick certain channels on which to advertise. Rather, it picks your target audience, and potentially shows them one of your commercials any time they are streaming TV/video content on a commercial-supported channel. Individuals in your target audience may watch one of your commercials while using their phones, tablets, or computers, but, by far, the device most in use when watching your Video Target Marketing commercials is the TV. For instance, your next client/patient may see your commercial while streaming Jimmy Kimmel on Monday, Judge Judy on Tuesday, and while playing Candy Crush Saga iTunes App on Wednesday. In any given 90-day episode of Video Target Marketing, your local audience will see your commercials on literally hundreds of programs, with no one TV show or channel typically accounting for more than 15% of your views. For instance, Video Target Marketing commercials are playing on:

Saturday Night Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live

NBC News



Mark Hyman, MD




Kountry Wayne



Forbes Breaking News


Top 10 Talent

The Ed Sullivan Show

Judge Judy Club

(YouTube TV) ESPN


Sundance TV

TV Land

YouTube Movies

NFL Network

Hallmark TV


Pluto TV








Travel Channel

Motor Trend

Comedy Central

Animal Planet

Food Network




Nat Geo




WE tv

Candy Crush Saga (iTunes App)

Home & Garden Network

Daily Farm

Yahoo TV

Law&Crime Network


Improved Health

Divorce Court

VIVA Films


Wild 'N Out

Face the Nation

Doctor Mike

Good Morning America


Charity Gayle


Incredibly Healthy


Dr Vishal Tomar

Mobile Apps & Games

Local News Affiliates

International and Non-English Programming

Special Interest Programming

And many more

Brazzell Marketing Agency gives advertisers a great deal of control over ad placement. If you ever see a channel/program that may not be an optimal association for your brand, we can often block your ads from appearing on that channel again. We can also block proactively. We automatically stop Video Target Marketing commercials from appearing in content that could negatively affect a healthcare brand, such as adult content.

Creative professionals using computers to produce a video.

National-Quality Commercial Production

The remarkably low fees you see on the order form include consultation, commercial production, and the cost of displaying your ads. At no additional cost, the commercials we produce for you can include stock photography, stock footage, and royalty-free music from our vast collection. Production can also include custom voice-over and custom graphics. You are free to use your Video Target Marketing commercials in any additional outlets you choose: website, social media posts, etc. You may even take the audio for use with your on-hold message.

An affluent senior woman poses infront of a target symbol

Precision Audience Targeting

Video Target Marketing ads prove more effective because you do not waste advertising dollars on people who are outside your service area, in the wrong income bracket, etc. Depending on your marketing goals, we can target your ads by geography, gender, and income.

We can also place your ads by topic, such as healthcare. Precision targeting may include demographic or psychographic profiles, such as shopping for a home, fitness enthusiasts, healthcare workers, job seekers, educational status, hobbies, people who are actively looking for health/medical jobs, etc.

Package & Process

  1. Submit an order form, now.
  2. Prices shown are all-inclusive.
  3. We schedule a consultation, wherein we discuss your marketing objectives, services, and the campaign.
  4. Brazzell Marketing Agency produces a commercial, sets up an advertising campaign, and reports content and parameters to you. Any new content remains on hold until you approve it.
  5. Unless otherwise stated, your Video Target Marketing commercials will be placed as 15-second, non-skippable commercials.
  6. Video Target Marketing renews automatically every 90 days. You have the right to cancel at any time, simply by emailing us.
  7. We produce up to four new commercials per year, if needed, at no additional charge.
  8. Every 90 days, we email you a performance report containing data such as how often your ads played, the demographics of your audience, on what devices your ads played, and in what content your ads played.

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