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About Brazzell Marketing Agency

  • Started by Gary Brazzell in 2003. Our headquarters are in Galax, VA, where most customer service, consulting, and design work occurs. Our network of services also involves physical locations in California, Kansas, Kentucky, and Texas.
  • We have hundreds of customers using finite services. Our core client base includes approximately 50 clients spanning from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, California, to NSW Australia. Multiple home health agencies and physical therapy practices have doubled or nearly doubled their monthly referrals using our most comprehensive marketing package.
  • While many of our clients are dominant forces in their respective markets, BMA knows how to achieve results on the budget of a small, rural physical therapy practice and how to achieve results for health care providers in hyper-competitive, major metropolitan markets.
Home Health Marketing Strategy

Referral Doubling Strategy

With years of consistent success, one marketing strategy has doubled referrals for home health and physical therapy. Learn how. FREE.
Home Health Marketing Strategy Facebook. Email Newsletters. Blogging. All done for you while you stay in complete control. Prices start at $16.99 per month. We can Guarantee 5,000 views per week!
Search Engine Marketing

Search Results Now

Our fastest strategy for getting new clients to call. We will get you on the first page of Google within one business day. We will find thousands of people per month who are searching now for your services now, show them your ads, and get them to your website. Ready to get calls and emails from new clients?

Client Types

Client base is 45% Medicare-certified home health. Other clients include:
  • Physical Therapy / Physiotherapy
  • Hospice
  • Medicaid Personal Care
  • Private Duty Home Care
  • Home Infusion and Nutritional Service
  • Medical Equipment
  • Home Oxygen & Respiratory Services
  • Pediatric Occupational Therapy & Speech Therapy
  • Physiatrist Medical Practice
  • Veterinarian
  • Design, Writing, & Printing Services are available to all business types

Noteworthy Clients

Noteworthy clients include
  • Visiting Nurse Association of Kansas City - Kansas City's number one home health agency by Medicare census and one of the oldest home health agencies in the country.
  • Baystate Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice - Part of the Magnet-recognized Baystate Health System
  • Florida Hospital Home Health - The leading home health agency in the region. Part of the Florida Hospital System named among "Best Hospitals" in the U.S. News & World Report.
  • St. Andrews University - Named as a TOP 5% Baccalaureate Program in the Washington Monthly College Guide.
  • WAGS / WJDJ - the number one radio group in Bishopville, SC
Facebook Home Health Marketing Idea

Facebook Target Marketing

Whether you are private duty home health who would do well to advertise directly to millionaires or you are a physical therapy practice with a message to get out to doctors, Facebook target marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach targeted audiences with high-impact messages. Brazzell Marketing Agency helps clients create the right message and deliver it to the right audience at the right price.
Home Health Marketing Strategy

Patient Newsletters

You already know the group of people most likely to need your services in the future and to have a doctor who will sign orders. It's your previous patients. Affordable, custom newsletters are a great marketing strategy by which home health agencies and physical therapy practices can reactivate past patients while providing a service and staying on their minds.

How We Work

Because our pricing is designed to fit the needs of small to medium-sized businesses, most clients prefer to work with Brazzell Marketing Agency on a project-oriented basis, with clear, upfront pricing for most projects. Projects that would benefit from a strategic approach (e.g. Referral Doubling Strategy, brochures, websites) tend to have focused consultation built into the package. For more unusual needs, we will create custom packages or work on a time-fee basis. For a more traditional marketing agency approach, with comprehensive consulting covering issues such as budget setting, goals tracking, effectiveness tracking, positioning strategies, media planning, etc., clients are welcome to contract with Brazzell Marketing Agency for consulting services.

Core Competencies

  • Creative writing, design, and strategy: From your business cards to brochures, from your email newsletters to roadside billboards, Brazzell Marketing Agency can add creativity, professionalism, and enhanced effectiveness to your marketing efforts.
  • Healthcare technical writing: Persuading health care professionals to fully utilize referral-based services often takes more than simply listing categories of services. Brazzell Marketing Agency has the skills, resources, and expertise to communicate with these important referral sources on a level that they will find informative and persuasive.
  • Healthcare marketing: We have a thorough knowledge of several domains of health care business (especially home health, physical therapy, and those listed above). These businesses will find Brazzell Marketing Agency unusually efficient and exceptionally capable of participating in strategy decisions due to our enhanced industry familiarity.
  • Process printing: To help our clients implement portions of their marketing strategy with the highest professional appearance, but also in a cost effective fashion, we have assembled a specialized printing service. Using largely offset, gang-run printing, we are able to provide the highest quality printing at discounted costs that rival most of the industry. We print on various papers, card stock, magnets, and some plastics / vinyls. For most printing projects we have online, self-service options, but the majority of our customers prefer to work directly with individuals in our professional staff and receive hands-on service by telephone and email throughout the printing process.
  • Websites: As a marketing agency, our low-cost website designs can include 100% of the copywriting that will make your website impressive, persuasive, and effective at conversions. Our websites are 100% custom-made to fully support your branding. Our solution also includes domain name registration with automatic privacy and website hosting with corporate email and the ability to change the text of your custom websites yourself.
  • Other digital marketing: Brazzell Marketing Agency also provides solutions for your email newsletters, ad design, blogging, and social media marketing. In this category, our most popular service is the All Points Bulletin which automatically handles blogging, email newsletters, Facebook, and other social media, with added SEO benefits.

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