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Home Health Social Media Marketing

This one amazing service can automatically handle your Facebook and other social media marketing, your email newsletters, your blogging, your website updates, and your print newsletter layout. You are in complete control but don't have to lift a finger for everything to happen automatically every week. Prices start as low as $19.99 per month!

With the All Points Bulletin service, Brazzell Marketing Agency creates client-oriented articles and engaging graphics at the frequency you choose. We customize a website designed to be an add-on to your existing website. As we create new articles and graphics, your All Points Bulletin website automatically:

  • posts to your business Facebook page as if you did it yourself,
  • sends an email newsletter to your subscribers,
  • and creates a new webpage for the new article and graphic.
  • In addition, create print-ready flyers or PDFs of the content with the click of a button.

This service is available for:

Physical Therapy
Medicare-Certified Home Health
Non-Medical Homecare
Veterinary Practices


Home Health Social Media Marketing

How All Points Bulletin Helps

From a marketing perspective, the things that keep a company healthy are name recognition, brand loyalty, and top-of-mind awareness. All of these assets require a communications program that is affordable enough to be consistent, intelligent enough to be valued by your clients, and impactful enough to create a positive emotional response to your brand. Use the All Points Bulletin as the effortless, affordable answer for your client communications.

The All Points Bulletin also educates your clients to make them better, more frequent customers.

You can try it out for as little as $19.99!

Order the All Points Bulletin for your business now. Complete the subscription form.

Your Articles

The articles we create for you will range from promoting your services, to feel-good lifestyle articles, to client-education articles. Each will have an engaging, professionally-created graphic designed to draw in readers and add to the emotional impact.

The All Points Bulletin articles we create for home health, physical therapy, and veterinarians are designed with Facebook foremost in our strategy considerations. This is because, for these business types, Facebook has more potential for emotional impact, client education, and viral reach among middle-age adults and seniors than any other medium available today.

In short, the writing style will be professional but somewhat conversational to match the social tone of Facebook. Only 15% of articles will be blatantly self-promotional. You have to earn the right to keep putting your messages in the Facebook timelines and email boxes of your patients and clients. The graphics will be optimized to work well on your Facebook page, in the timelines of your fans, and on your All Points Bulletin blog.

Facebook Marketing Posts

If you do not already have a Facebook page for your business, we will set up a standard Facebook page Free as part of your All Points Bulletin service. If you cancel your All Points Bulletin, you keep the Facebook page.

There are many amazing advantages to including Facebook in your business's marketing mix. Chief among these advantages is the potential for viral reach. Viral reach happens when we create share-worthy content for your business and your fans share it with their friends. The average Facebook user has 300 friends, and they can share your message with their hundreds of friends with the simple click of a button.

Your All Points Bulletin always makes "Image Posts" for your business. On Facebook, there are four types of posts: Image, Video, Link, and Text posts. Research consistently shows that Image Posts achieve the greatest viral reach and user engagement.

Your All Points Bulletin only makes white-label posts to Facebook. Other automatic posting systems name themselves and link to themselves in the header of each post. Facebook users have a tendency to ignore posts that have signs of autoposting. For maximum impact, all your Facebook posts look exactly like your business logged in and made them directly.

Order the All Points Bulletin for your business now. Complete the subscription form.

Website Newsletter MarketingWhen you want to announce new employees, new therapies, etc., your All Points Bulletin website is for you to use as well. Based on your permissions, we will be posting great graphics and articles to your APB website, but you will have the ability to login and create new pages, too. Doing so is as easy as using webmail. The messages you type on the All Points Bulletin website will also automatically (1) post on Facebook and on any other social media you have connected, (2) send an email newsletter, (3) create a new page on your website, and (4) generate a print-flyer layout.

Your All Points Bulletin website will be designed to work as an add-on to your company's main website, but can work as a stand-alone resource as well. The logo, the top menu links, the color scheme, and the contact information will be customized to your company's standards. Add a "Newsletters" link to your main website, and your visitors will seamlessly navigate between your main website and this blog.

The address of your All Points Bulletin website will be look like your company website address. If your company website address is, your All Points Bulletin website address will be

Here you can view demos of All Points Bulletin websites. Get a feel for the template and see how yours might be customized to you:
Physical Therapy Patient Newsletters
Home Health Patient Newsletters
Non-Medical Homecare Patient Newsletters
Veterinarian Email Newsletter Service

Order the All Points Bulletin for your business now. Complete the subscription form.

Email NewslettersThe default email newsletter system built into your All Points Bulletin is completely hands-off. You don't have to do anything. It works completely automatically, while fully respecting the wishes and preferences of your customers.

Your All Points Bulletin website will prominently encourage visitors to sign up for your email newsletters.

When you log in to your email newsletter website, you will have the ability to upload or download subscriber lists.

You can try it out for as little as $19.99!

Order the All Points Bulletin for your business now. Complete the subscription form.

Print-Ready BulletinsWith a couple of clicks, you will be able to create a printable-bulletin for each article in your All Points Bulletin website. You can print from the website and/or save the bulletin to your computer as a PDF.

The bulletins will be suitable for posting in your lobby, mailing to customers, setting out at health fairs and events, etc.

To see this feature in action, launch any of the website demos below. Select an individual article. At the bottom of the article, find and click the print button.

Order the All Points Bulletin for your business now. Complete the subscription form.

Social Media MarketingOut of the box, your All Points Bulletin will automatically post content to your business Facebook page, and we will create a standard business Facebook page for FREE if you need it.

With a few setting changes, your All Points Bulletin is also capable of automatically posting to many other social media for you. This includes:

  • Twitter
  • Linked-In
  • Tumblr
  • StumbleUpon
  • Pinterest
  • Digg
  • Reddit
  • Pocket
  • and many others

You can try it out for as little as $19.99!

Order the All Points Bulletin for your business now. Complete the subscription form.

Customize Your Level of ControlWith the All Points Bulletin, you can customize your level of control depending on how much you want to be involved. On the order form, you choose whether your are an Opt-In Subscriber or an Opt-Out Subscriber.

Opt-In Subscriber: This means nothing gets published until you actively approve it. We post your content as a draft, hidden in the login section of your All Points Bulletin website. We send you an email reminder every time we do this. At your convenience, you follow the link in our reminder or login to your site to see your pending drafts. Edit them as you see fit. Then click Schedule or Publish - depending on your chosen publish time or date.

Opt-Out Subscriber: This option is for clients who don't want to be bothered with reading and approving every single article. We email the content of each article to you, one week before it publishes. If you do nothing, it publishes automatically. If you want to edit it, simply follow the link in our email to edit or cancel the article before it publishes. You can also edit or delete articles after they publish.

You can switch this preference back and forth simply by replying to one of our emails and saying what you want.

Other Business TypesThe All Points Bulletin is an extremely useful business tool, even if you are not one of the business types for which we produce content. Other business types are welcome to order the All Points Bulletin without content subscription. You will receive the same website that:

  • Enables you to create new website pages as easy as using webmail.
  • Is branded to your main website so that you can link to it from your main website as "Newsletters" or something similar.
  • Will automatically post your new content to Facebook and any other social media you set up.
  • Will automatically collect email newsletter subscriptions.
  • Will automatically send out email newsletters according to each subscriber's personal preferences.
  • Will automatically layout your articles as print-ready bulletins.

To order the All Points Bulletin website without a content subscription, please contact us. There will be a one-time set up fee of $199 (does not apply to listed business types) and a monthly fee of $3.95.