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Fees: Website Hosting and Domains

Website hosting servers and administrator

Premium Hosting Package

Level 1 account-level memory: 833 MB. That's enough to run 25 websites like this one, or hold 6,000 emails.
Monthly Cost: $8.99 [OR]
Annual Cost: $99

Domain Registration

All domains come with automatic privacy and communication monitoring at no extra charge. Your name and email address are published publicly in the WHOIS database when you buy a domain normally. This leads to mountains of spam and scam emails. Others, such as GoDaddy, charge additional fees for privacy, putting some annual domain costs over $33 after a few renewals. Others also ignore any communication that comes in over your private information, even when they are charging for privacy. Brazzell Marketing Agency monitors all emails coming in via the WHOIS database and forwards any important correspondence to you.

Domains: $18.99 per year
The normal fee applies to .com, .net, and .us domain names. Registration fees may be higher for unusual TLDs such as .agency, .care, .fyi, etc.

Fees are charged by automatic credit card charges, with receipts sent by email. Clients may opt for annual invoices with a $17 surcharge. Charges described on this page may or may not adjust annually for inflation.

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