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How It Works: This is the single most effective strategy for getting clients/patients to call right away and sign up for your services. Please feel free to call to discuss how this works and if it would be a good fit for your company: 866-272-3799.

The rapid effectiveness of this strategy comes from the fact that Search Results Now ads find people who are searching for your services, in your area, right now. The majority of people looking for service providers do an internet search before making their buying decisions. Use Brazzell's Search Results Now program to get in front of those people while they are actively shopping for your category of services. We set up algorithms that watch what people are typing into Google and other search engines. When their searches suggest they are shopping for a service you provide, Search Results Now shows them your text ad along with the normal listings. Your search ad often appears at the top of the page. Your search ads will be displayed thousands of times per month and only to people who are typing in the right keywords. More importantly, this results in hot-prospect traffic to your website - meaning the people visiting your site through Search Results Now are much more likely to contact you and begin your services compared to people visiting your website from any other type of ad.

Who Should Use It: Brazzell's Search Results Now program is a must for all non-medical home care providers with more than 20 competitors. Physical therapy providers who have direct access or self-referrals can also benefit from Search Results Now. In these cases, in addition to setting up algorithms to detect people shopping for physical therapy, we can set up algorithms to detect people looking for solutions that physical therapy offers (for example: back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, etc.)

Where Do the Ads Appear? Your Search Results Now ads will only appear in search results when people are typing keywords or phrases that suggest they are looking for something you provide. Ads from Search Results Now do not appear anywhere other than in search results. The majority of your budget will go to Google, simply because Google receives the majority of internet searches. However, your ads will be available to people using several of the top search websites such as Yahoo,, Ask Jeeves, etc. Your ads will often appear in the top 3 results on the page.

The Process

  • Order: complete the order form
  • Consult: We perform a focused consultation so we can learn the unique elements of your practice and create the most effective ad campaign possible.
  • Development: We develop your Search Results Now campaign.
    • Text ads designed to grab attention and highlight your strengths
    • Dynamic elements for ads that can change according to customer behavior to maximize click rates
    • A tracking phone number so people searching on their phones can call you directly from the ad with one click and so we can track and report these results
    • Keyword strategies designed to only use your advertising budget on people already searching for your services
    • Geography strategies so that your ads only show to people who are in your service area or to people whose search terms suggest they are looking for service in your area
    • A report that allows you to review the key elements in your campaign
  • Detailed Reporting: We send monthly reports detailing how many times your ads displayed, how often your ad appeared at the top of the page, how many times people clicked through to your website, how many times people used the click-to-call feature, exactly what people were typing when they clicked your ads, and more.
  • Analysis & Updates: Each month, we analyze your results and watch for opportunities to fine tune the settings or try new wording to maximize results.
  • Cancel at Any Time: Search Results Now automatically renews monthly with you getting an email invoice and report each month. There are no time commitments. Clients may cancel this program at any time.

Price: Starts at only $169 per month.
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