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Healthcare Marketing: Our primary expertise is achieving business growth for health care providers who are home health care, physical therapy, or hospice (see Referral Doubling Strategy). Let Brazzell Marketing Agency strategize, write, and design your website for maximum effect. No one can help your agency or practice with real and original content like Brazzell Marketing Agency. Hire us so that you are not alone in the creative and strategic process.

From Basic to Elaborate: We have website packages designed to fit your needs. We have basic, affordable packages designed specifically with home health and physical therapy in mind. But we also can provide complete social media integration, mobile-friendly options, blogging, social media posting, integrated automatic email newsletter systems, expansive and ongoing search engine optimization, search engine marketing, hundreds of patient-education heatlh articles, and everything you need to have an impressive and extremely effective website and online presence. For pricing and options, download the website order form, print it, complete it, and fax it back.


Search Engines: We know how search engines work and how your potential patients use them. For proof, simply consider how you found our website - most likely through a search engine query specific to your industry. Our clients get close to 200 page loads per month when they do nothing with their websites and more than 2,000 page loads per month when they update physical therapy websites and home health websites periodically. Put that search engine expertise to work for you in the development of your website. [Website Order Form]

Home Health Marketing Strategy

Referral Doubling Strategy

With years of consistent success, one marketing strategy has doubled referrals for home health and physical therapy. Learn how. FREE.
Home Health Marketing Strategy Facebook. Email Newsletters. Blogging. All done for you while you stay in complete control. Prices start at $16.99 per month. We can Guarantee 5,000 views per week!


Return on investment for our clients is our primary concern. We focus on what is effective while counseling our clients to avoid expensive gimmicks. As experts on home health marketing and physical therapy marketing, we know exactly where your margins are and what sort of results you should expect from your website. This varies widely depending on your provider type and other variables, but we will share our experience with you and help you make the investments right for your budget and realistic expectations for return on investment.

Want to have a website that's actually geared toward return on investment? Download the website order form today [click here]. Print it; fill it out; fax it back.

Home Health Website SEO

First, all our websites feature essential on-page search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure search engines find your site and understand how your site is relevant. Essential on-page SEO includes keyword tags, alt tags, meta descriptions, title tags, and text composed with an eye toward search engine effectiveness. In some markets, this may be all you need. As an additional service, we also offer ongoing, expansive off-site and on-page SEO. This will involve getting your website listed in a multitude of high-quality directories, featured on high quality blogs, etc. You can subscribe to ongoing SEO services using the website order form.

Physical Therapy Websites Ownership

When you purchase website design from Brazzell Marketing Agency, you own those files. You can host those files with any Internet host of your choosing at any time. We use industry standard HTML coding to create your custom website designs. Two advantages of this - (1) since HTML is the industry standard code, you will find that all other website designers know how to use it. You can hire other designers and any SEO professional of your choosing to work on your website in the future; and (2) with custom HTML designs, anything you see on the Internet is possible for your website. This is how professionals make their websites.

Contrast this to the various template services and proprietary do-it-yourself services. Many of these services will not let you move your website away from their hosting. Read the fine print, and you will see that you do not own those websites. They do. You cannot move it, and you often cannot even back it up. Your potential for professional search engine optimization may be limited or poor depending on their systems.

Want to really own your website? Download the website order form today [click here]. Print it; fill it out; fax it back.

Home Health Websites Editing

Even though the healthcare websites we make for you are custom-designed, you still have complete control over them via your website control panel. When you use our premium hosting package, your control panel lets you:

While site builders typically have a bit of a learning curve for users, the HTML Editor available in your control panel File Manager is ready to use immediately. Simply select the file you want to edit, change the text like you would with any word processor, and save your work.

While having control at your fingertips is nice, having the option to delegate is nicer. With Brazzell, you never have to touch your control panel if you don't want to. If you need to change domain or hosting-related settings, you can do it yourself or you can just email us and ask us to do it at no additional charge. You can also call on us on an hourly, as-needed, basis for website updates, email management, and other paid support at fairly nominal charges [see website order form].

Home Health Website Tracking

We install visitor tracking code into all of our websites. The code works regardless of where you host the website. The system will send you, and anyone you choose, monthly emails to report the number of visitors and how many pages they looked at. You also have more detailed information available on demand:

  • How visitors found your website
  • The geographic locations of your website visitors
  • How long visitors spend on each page of your website
  • Which pages they read and in what order
  • and much, much more detail that can be used for various website analyses

Launch sample visitor tracking page.

Home Health Marketing Strategy Facebook. Email Newsletters. Blogging. All done for you while you stay in complete control. Prices start at $16.99 per month. We can Guarantee 5,000 views per week!

Physical Therapy Websites Hosting

Businesses of all types are welcome to use our hosting package (with or without a design order through us). Our hosting package includes:

  • Unlimited number of websites on one hosting account
  • Unlimited corporate email addresses (example: SMPT and POP mail works on all computers and mobile devices. Fully featured webmail.
  • Fast serving of your website (this website is on the same server as yours will be, so you know we're going to keep this server shipshape).
  • Enough storage for 14,000 web pages and emails
  • Email lists management, database management, subdomains
  • File management and FTP options
  • Multiple free and easy application and site builder installs such as WordPress, Soholaunch Pro, calendar programs, backup wizard, mailing list software, and more
  • Easy to use, highly functional control panel

Launch sample control panel.

Prices starting at $6.95 per month.

Download the Website Order From. Print it, complete it, and fax it back.

Home Health Websites Design Service

This is a discounted package from our full service website development package. This package removes the marketing consultation and the help with text, leaving that up to you. You can add the text of your website using the HTML editor in your control panel after the website is designed. If you send text before the design is started, we will add the text to your design verbatim, and you can edit the text to your liking once the website is up. The Text Free Custom Design includes:

  • Full custom design to support your unique branding. Five pages.
  • Additional pages available at $41 each when ordered at start.
  • A contact us form
  • Up to three proofs to make sure the design meets your satisfaction
  • Visitor tracking code installed
  • Free monthly emails about numbers of visitors
  • Initial search engine optimization including alt tags, description tags, key word tags, title tags, and announcement to all major search engines.

Home Health Websites Full Service Design

Order our full service website design to get a focused marketing consultation to determine the website strategy, more options for forms, and full access to our creative writing and proofreading. This package includes:

  • Custom design of up to 5 pages.(additional pages available at $89 each when ordered at start)
  • Up to three proofs to ensure your satisfaction
  • Submit forms per your needs (e.g. contact us, job application, etc.)
  • Visitor tracking code installed
  • Free monthly emails about numbers of visitors
  • Initial search engine optimization including title tags, alt tags, keyword tags, description tags, and announcement to all major search engines.
  • Ability to edit text yourself when you also purchase our premium hosting.

Home Health Websites - Domains

Use our Domain Availability Checker [click here] to pick your domain. Let us register it. Specify the domain you want for your website on the website order form. Once we register your domain for you, you have full control of it through the control panel of your hosting account.

Automatic Privacy: When you order domain names, you are required to have your personal contact information put in the Whois database. Spammers and scammers use this database to find and approach you. When you order your domain using our Website Order Form, Brazzell Marketing Agency's information ends up in that database. Your contact information is invisible to the spammers and scammers.

Transfers: Do you already own the domain name you want? Transfers are time consuming for our clients, so we tend to recommend against them. After we have set up your website on our hosting account, change the name servers on your domain to, and This will point your domain to our server. We have prepared a number of tutorials to help you with this procedure [Pointing your domain to Brazzell hosting].

Domains: $15 per year. Automatic privacy.

Download and print the Website Order Form [click here].

Use the Domain Availability Checker [click here] to choose your domain. Write your choice on the order form and fax it back.

Home Health Websites Email

Corporate email accounts are automatically made available when you purchase our Premium Hosting. Our email accounts are rich with features, and businesses may order hosting alone just to get the email service.

Number of Emails Per Account: You may set up an unlimited number of email addresses.


  • Web Mail
  • Can be set up to work with the email client on your computer or mobile device (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.)
  • Ability to do email blasts to mail lists
  • Individual log-in for each email address.
  • Master log-in where administrators can manage all email address on the account.
  • Very easy for administrator to setup new email accounts, delete accounts, and otherwise manage email accounts.
  • 3 Web Mail Program Choices. Each time you log into email, you get three different choices for the program used to read your emails: Roundcube, SquirrelMail, Horde. Pick the one you like best. You can change your decision every time you log in.
  • Forwarding, auto-responders, spam filters, address book, spell check
  • Mobile Device Mail
  • Color coding of incoming messages by sender
  • Online calendar for appointment tracking
  • Online to do list management
  • and more

Download the website order form to order hosting with emails.

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Home Health Website Templates

Using templates to make home health care and physical therapy websites can be even more harmful than using them to make brochures. Google prefers original content. Google employs highly effective algorithms for finding and downgrading cookie cutter content. If Google determines that your web page has cookie cutter content, it may never show up on the first page of search engine results.

In addition to the search engine disadvantages of website templates, templates can miss opportunities to support your brand or actually erode your brand. Failure to use brand colors, brand fonts, and brand graphic themes confuses the brand and lowers its value. Custom design gives you both the ability to remain consistent to your brand and the ability to bolster your branding.

Home Health Marketing Strategy Facebook. Email Newsletters. Blogging. All done for you while you stay in complete control. Prices start at $16.99 per month. We can Guarantee 5,000 views per week!

Search Engine Marketing

Search Results Now

Our fastest strategy for getting new clients to call. We will get you on the first page of Google within one business day. We will find thousands of people per month who are searching now for your services now, show them your ads, and get them to your website. Ready to get calls and emails from new clients?
Facebook Home Health Marketing Idea

Facebook Target Marketing

Whether you are private duty home care who would do well to advertise directly to millionaires or you are a physical therapy practice with a message to get out to doctors, Facebook Target Marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach very specific audiences with high-impact messages. Brazzell Marketing Agency helps clients create the right message and deliver it to the right audience at the right price.
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