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Free Branded Websites Ready in One Business Day • Custom Website Design Starting at $693 • Amazing Features Tailored to Home Care and Physical Therapy

If the goal of your website is to convert visitors into people who call you, your website should be designed by a marketing agency and no other type of professional. If you have a type of business that others often don't fully understand (including non-medical home care, private-duty nursing, hospice, physical therapy, or home health), then your website should be designed by Brazzell Marketing Agency. With over two decades of healthcare marketing experience and clients across the United States and abroad, we know how to turn your website investment into phone calls and emails from people who want your healthcare services. Call now to discuss your objectives, what to expect out of a website, and the best ways to invest your marketing dollar: 866.272.3799 .

Our Standard Website Package
Custom Website Design for as Little as $693

  • Consultation to identify your goals and style and to develop the most effective strategy for the content of your website.
  • We write your website for you.
  • Website hosting with HIPAA-compliant and PCI-compliant encryption standard.
  • Full access to all website pages/files, with the access to edit text online or offline.
  • Free, HIPAA-compliant, email system, including webmail and the ability to use it with any email software you choose.
  • Unlimited number of HIPAA-compliant email accounts with 10 gigabytes of storage each.
  • Hosting allows unlimited storage for websites and an unlimited number of websites.
  • Visitor tracking that sends you monthly reports on the number of website visitors and provides information such as entry pages, referring URLs, search engine comparisons, exit pages, time on each page, etc.
  • Extensive use of the stock photos in our immense healthcare image library at no additional charge. Use of our large video library for headers or image blocks at no additional charge.
  • On-page search engine optimization.
  • Mobile-friendly design.
  • ADA-compliant / WCAG-compliant design.
  • Click-to-call phone numbers / click-to-text buttons for mobile.
  • A careers page where you can collect job-inquiry forms.
  • Annual domain name registration. Automatic domain privacy at no extra charge. Spammers will not be able to look up your email address. Constant monitoring of emails through your domain registration, in case one is important, at no extra charge.
  • HIPAA-compliant spam protection that shuts down contact-form spam. Note: Google robot-blockers are not HIPAA-compliant.
  • Directly coded design that almost never requires software updates. No regular maintenance or maintenance fees are needed for the website itself.
  • Automatic, offline backup for all website work we perform.
  • Announcement to all the major search engines to ensure fast indexing.
  • and more.
Price: $1,026 for the first year, all-inclusive. After the first year, you only pay for hosting and domain. No recurring fees needed for backups, software upgrades, security, etc.
*See the order form for options to increase or decrease the standard package. Custom website design starts at $693. Call now to discuss pricing options and to customize a website plan that fits your budget: 866.272.3799.
Free Home Care Website

Free Websites for Home Care, Home Health, and Physical Therapy

Purchase Brazzell's annual website hosting for $99 and get a pre-designed website for FREE plus one-year registration of a new domain for FREE. Go to the order form to see your design options. We will customize your chosen design with your contact information, logo, business name, and branding colors. The package includes company email addresses, complete page/file editing access, and everything you need for a professional online presence. Normal turnaround time: one business day.

You can continue to use the free website as long as you have Brazzell hosting, or you can order a custom website from Brazzell or any designer of your choosing to put on your hosting later. All websites need hosting and domain, so there is no risk and no added budget to use a free website now and change your strategy later. Give it a try.

Home health websites with blogging, Facebook, and email newsletters

All Points Bulletin

Easily add email newsletters, Facebook posting, blogging, and more to your home health and physical therapy websites, for a minimal cost. You have complete control but don't have to lift a finger to have everything happen automatically. This feature includes a free blog, free-for-life email newsletter system, and free Facebook page set-up (if needed). You only pay for new content, at a minimal cost.

Home Health Websites on the Top of Google

Search Results Now

Literally overnight, Brazzell Marketing Agency can get your website on the top of Google, Lycos,, Dogpile and nearly 4,000 other websites where people search the internet. Brazzell's Search Results Now campaign offers faster return on investment than most other home care or physical therapy website strategies and helps you maximize the return on your website investment quickly. Call now to find out why budgeting Search Results Now into your website build produces higher return on investment than spending more on the website itself: 866.272.3799 .

Patient education articles for your home health websites and physical therapy websites

Health Information Library

Don't make the common mistake of a resources page that asks your website visitors to leave your website. Instead, provide a resource that keeps visitors on your website, boosts SEO, and gives visitors a reason to return. Add the Health Information Library to your website to have a bilingual, searchable index of thousands of patient education articles. The articles are authoritatively sourced and constantly updated, with no recurring charges to you. Articles can even be one-click edited and printed for teaching sheets!

How to get rid of bad reviews and improve online reviews

Review Director

This website tool helps home health agencies and physical therapy practices overcome bad reviews, get more good reviews, and become the local leader in online reviews. Avoid large and recurring agency fees by using a well designed website tool to automate the process of directing good reviews to online review sites.

Home Care Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Have your website designed by SEO professionals. We have websites on the first page of organic search results in highly competitive, metropolitan markets. Note, however, that if you have multiple local competitors, good initial website design is only the first step for winning Google search results. To stay in Google's favor, you must make a constant effort to keep online buzz going for your website. Our SEO package makes this process easy and affordable for home health agencies and physical therapy practices.

Online Job Application Management

Advertise Your Help Wanted Ads on Google Jobs and More. No Recurring or Per-Post Fees.

My Recruiter is an application we install on your website. It gives you the ability to post, manage, and push help-wanted ads to Google's search results and other free job boards. It also creates lading pages that help with online recruitment advertising. My Recruiter has a one-time payment. After that, it's yours for life. How simple is that?

Domain Name Privacy for home care websites and physical therapy websites

Domain Security

Spammers and scammers use domain registration information to target victims. Companies sell privacy to prevent this and almost double the cost of domains! With us, domain privacy is automatic, at no extra charge. Other companies simply ignore communication that comes in through your domain registry. We provide human monitoring of that communication and forward important correspondence to you. Other companies constantly try to sell you additional domains you don't need and then install them in ways that can hurt your SEO. We never try to upsell domains you don't need, and we only install new domains in ways that keep you in Google's good graces).

Website builders for home health websites and physical therapy websites


Be careful of the do-it-yourself website companies. They maintain ownership of the parts of your website that make it run, and they charge a premium that adds up over the years that you have a website. You are stuck with those companies, and when it's time for you to switch companies, you can't take your website with you. With Brazzell Marketing Agency, your company owns the entire website. You can edit it, hire another designer, move to another host, and exercise all control managers should have. Note: Limitations apply to your license to stock photography. Ask for more info.

Multi-page home health websites

No Designer Links

You can tell you're working with a small company when the website has a link to the designer at the bottom of every page. Brazzell Marketing Agency puts your marketing needs first, and that is why we never put our company name or links on your website. Large companies don't allow vendor branding on their websites and neither should small companies. Don't you deserve a website designer that understands marketing issues and puts your needs first?

Samples of our Website Designs

= Mobile Friendly

Home Care Website Designs

Healthcare Website Designs & More

Hospice Website Designs

Home Health Website Designs

Physical Therapy Website Designs

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Home Health Marketing Strategy

Referral Doubling Strategy

With years of consistent success, one marketing strategy has doubled referrals for home health and physical therapy. Learn how. FREE.
Home Health Patient Newsletters

Patient Newsletters

Mailing quarterly patient newsletters helps remind and nudge your past patients to see you again when needed. Newsletters should also be used to help your patients be better advocates for your practice in the community. Brazzell Marketing Agency develops patient newsletters from the ground up, prints them, and bulk mails them - providing you with an affordable, turnkey solution.

Facebook Home Health Marketing Idea

Facebook Target Marketing

Whether you are private duty home care who would do well to advertise directly to millionaires or you are a physical therapy practice with a message to get out to doctors, Facebook Target Marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach very specific audiences with high-impact messages. Brazzell Marketing Agency helps clients create the right message and deliver it to the right audience at the right price.

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