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Brazzell Marketing Agency knows health care marketing. Our primary expertise is achieving business growth for health care providers who are home health care, physical therapy, or hospice. Let Brazzell Marketing Agency strategize, write, and design your next health care brochure for maximum effect. No one can help your agency or practice with brochure projects like Brazzell Marketing Agency.

Low Costs - Return on Investment

Specializing in home health care marketing and physical therapy marketing, we understand the shrinking health care dollar and your need for return on investment. We provide different levels of service as well as extremely well-priced printing to ensure you get the level of service best fitted to your home health agency or physical therapy practice.

Home Health Marketing Strategy

Referral Doubling Strategy

With years of consistent success, one marketing strategy has doubled referrals for home health and physical therapy. Learn how. FREE.

Home Health Care Brochures

This brochure design package gives you a discount for providing writing that is approved by you and ready-to-go. Simply provide your text in a digital format (e.g. email, Word, Publisher). Have the text roughly laid out how you want it to appear in your brochure (i.e. a section for the front panel, a section for the back panel, etc). We will give you a professional design that is ready for high quality printing. We will also correct basic spelling and grammar errors that we might find during the typesetting process.

Download and print the You-Write-We-Design Order Form. Complete the order form and fax it back. [Order Form - Click Here]

English to Spanish translation available for $123 plus additional layout costs.

Home Health Brochure Designs

  • Focused consultation with an expert in home health and physical therapy marketing. The general public often does not understand what you do, and this includes designers and marketing consultants you could hire elsewhere. We find out how your health care business compares to alternatives in your market and propose a communications strategy to maximize the effectiveness of your brochure.
  • We write the brochure for you. You enjoy full access to our promotional writing expertise and ongoing proofreading.
  • Full custom graphic design performed with an eye toward your branding and a knowledge of what motivates your target audiences.

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Home Health Care Brochure Samples
Home Health Care Brochure SamplesPhysical Therapy Brochure Samples

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Submit our secure, online order form or download and print the Design Order Form. Complete the order form and fax it back. [Design Order Form - Click Here]

Home Health Brochures Printing

In addition to providing expert strategy, writing, and design, Brazzell provides high quality, low cost printing. Because of the high volumes of promotional printing that we handle, we can print broker excellent prices for your home health brochures and other promotional printing.

5,000 Glossy, Folded Brochures: $348*
     plus shipping and taxes

500 Glossy, Folded Brochures: $117*
     plus shipping and taxes

*Sample prices above were quoted on 6/9/15. Other brochure quantities available. For exact, current pricing, shipping options, and tax policies, launch our brochure printing website [click here]. Or call or contact us for quotes and options.

Design prices are separate from printing prices. To use our design services, you are not required to use our printing services, and vice versa. We're here to help your business.

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Home Health Brochure Templates

No templates. While you are welcome to request a custom brochure design based on designs you have seen elsewhere, we do not have a set of templates from which you must choose. That's something printers do and marketing professionals don't. Templates tend to erode branding.

One of the principal functions of a home health brochure or physical therapy brochure is to establish or promote your branding. Your branding can be supported by consistent color usage, font selection, and graphic elements. Furthermore, the graphics in your brochure should support your marketing message and your selling points, not simply provide eye candy. Brazzell Marketing Agency blends graphics with text for a more cohesive, professional appearance, while seizing opportunities to use graphic design to reinforce branding and sales elements.

People often choose template options under the false assumption they will be cheaper. For a successful home health agency or physical therapy practice, templates rarely achieve cost savings compared to the brochure writing, design and printing services of Brazzell Marketing Agency. Keep in mind that the time of a successful administrator is money.

Home Health Brochure Design Process

We treat the design and printing as separate orders. Start by ordering your design service using the design order form [click here]. We consult with you, collect necessary information and materials, and complete the brochure design work. We work and send proofs until you are satisfied. Because we are professionals with extensive experience in your industry, most brochures are approved by the second proof.

Once you have approved a brochure design as completed, we ask for your printing business as well. We re-send the quotes that would have been communicated to you at the start of the process. You simply email us back with instructions to begin the printing and specifying the quantity you want. Brochure printing orders do not require an order form in most cases. We simply charge your credit card on file based on your emailed instructions.

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