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Home Health Marketing Strategies

Below, you will find the top home health marketing strategies. contains more than 200 pages, and we can help with your marketing in more than 200 ways. For new visitors, let's simplify matters by listing the top home health marketing strategies in order of importance. This page is for Medicare-certified home health marketing strategies. If you are interested in a directory of marketing services geared for another provider type, be sure to check out our home page.

In home health marketing, the most important thing is referral sources, so the top strategies focus on doctors and discharge planners. Referral sources are so important that home health agencies should be using any and every means available to stay in front of them. That being said, the growing competition in home health is affecting home health marketing in interesting ways. It's becoming more consumer driven, and certain direct-to-patient advertising strategies can pay off.

Home Health Marketing to Doctors to Double Referrals

Referral Doubling Strategy

Multiple referral-based healthcare providers, starting with home health, have used this marketing strategy to double referrals in three to six months. Learn how. FREE. No obligation. Download the how-to-and-why presentation. This may not be a great strategy for new home health agencies. Call to discuss. The Referral Doubling Strategy is core referral-based marketing and strongly recommended for every established home health agency already receiving six or more referrals per month.

Free Home Care Website

Free Home Health Website

Purchase Brazzell's annual hosting and domain service and get a home health website for FREE. Go to the order form to see your design options. We will customize your chosen design with your contact information, logo, business name, and branding colors. The package includes company email addresses, software for editing the website yourself, and everything you need for a professional online presence. Also consider a custom-designed, home health website.

How to Advertise to Doctors

Facebook Referral Source Marketing

Using the advanced targeting capabilities in the Facebook advertising platform, Brazzell Marketing Agency develops home health advertising campaigns that display only for the right types of doctors and their staff, in your area. With costs around 2 pennies per ad view (all-inclusive), any home health agency can afford to have referral sources seeing their ads online multiple times per week!

Home Care Marketing's Search Results Now

Search Results Now

We are finding that in each market, every month, thousands of people are searching for medical home health online. Brazzell's Search Results Now program is not SEO. Search Results Now gets you on the top of relevant search results literally overnight. There, your agency can get your share of the self-directed patients in your service area.

Home Health Advertising with Email Newsletters, Blogging, and Facebook

All Points Bulletin

Do a better job of staying in touch with past patients, their families, and your fans in your community by making the task easier. This home health marketing service automatically handles your Facebook posting, email newsletters, blogging, Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, and more. Every thing works without you lifting a finger, while you stay in complete control. The All Points Bulletin starts at an amazingly low price.

Home Health Patient Newsletters

Patient Newsletters

Many past patients want to request your home health agency again, but can only remember the name of your nurse, not the agency. Many more need home health right now, but no one has taken action to start a home health episode. Patient newsletters sent by mail serve as excellent tools to remind and nudge these past patients and their families. Use newsletters to recapture more recurring business. Brazzell Marketing Agency researches, writes, designs, prints, and bulk mails your patient newsletters for an easy, affordable solution.

Audio Target Marketing: Highly Targeted Healthcare advertising over combined internet radio and podcast outlets such as Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Cloud 10, and more

Audio Target Marketing SM

With marketing access to medcical referral sources becoming increasingly constrained and markets becoming saturated with home health agencies, brand awareness in the broader community is growing in importance for home health. Audio Target Marketing delivers highly targeted healthcare advertising over combined internet radio outlets such as Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, ESPN, and much more. Leverage the warmth and persuasiveness of the human voice to promote your home health agency with the best audiences for home health marketing. Deliver 30-second commercials with voice, music, and graphic design for pennies per ad play.

Home Health Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Get on the top of Google's organic/free search results and stay there. Our SEO service is low-cost and effective.

Getting Started

With Brazzell Marketing Agency, home health marketing projects are easy. Call or email with any questions. Print the order form(s) for your chosen marketing campaigns. Complete and return the order form(s). For most projects, we will schedule a telephone consultation to discuss your campaign and develop the most effective marketing strategy. Then, Brazzell Marketing Agency will use branding and advertising to grow your home health agency.

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