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Business Card Printer

Business Card Printer

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Don't judge a business card by its size! Used creatively, these marketing tools can do so much more than store contact information. Consider the folding business card to use as mini-brochures. Boost employee morale by giving business cards to everyone you consider a professional. Use business cards as appointment cards. Increase customer loyalty by using business cards as loyalty cards (see how this is done with home health business cards).

What's more, with Brazzell Marketing Agency as your business card printer, you have multiple great options for making your business card impressively different. From the luxurious feel of Trifecta paper to the unusual shapes of wink-cut and half-round business cards, you can explore printing options that better support your marketing objectives.

Sample Business Card Pricing

Sample Specs: Size 2" x 3.5" | Paper 14pt gloss cover | Color both sides | Coating high gloss UV both sides. These are the specs for a standard-quality business card.
Quantity 250: 7¢ each
Quantity 500: 4¢ each
Quantity 1,000: 2¢ each
Quantity 2,500: 2¢ each
Quantity 5,000: 1¢ each
Plus delivery and taxes. Prices not exact.

Professional Design Work

Start by ordering your design work. Let the pros of Brazzell Marketing Agency design a business card sure to make a great first impression.

Set-Up (Logo & Info Placement): $33
Full Business Card Design: $65

Business Card Alternative Shapes

Rounded Corners
Business Card Printer: Rounded Corners
Folded Business Cards
Business Card Printer: Folding Business Cards
Wink Business Cards
Business Card Printer: Wink-Cut Business Cards with one corner rounded and three corners squared
Leaf Business Cards
Business Card Printer: Leaf Business Card
Circle Business Cards
Business Card Printer: Circle Business Card
Oval Business Cards
Business Card Printer: Oval Business Card
Half Circle
Business Card Printer: Half Circle Business Cards rounded on one end and square on the other.
Slim / Rounded Slim
Business Card Printer: Slim business cards and slim business cards with rounded edges
Rounded Square Business Card
Business Card Printer: Rounded Square Business Cards
Square Business Card
Business Card Printer: Square Business Cards

Trifecta Business Cards (Ultra-Premium Paper Stock)

Our signature Trifecta paper stock features a triple-layer core with white paper top and bottom. When the core is colored, you can see the color around the edges of the business card. The colored-core Trifecta options feature a cover paper with a velvety feel. The pearl-core Trifecta option has outer paper with a more canvas texture.

Trifecta Green 24 pt.
Business Card Printer with Trifecta Paper Green
Trifecta Black 38 pt.
Business Card Printer with Trifecta Paper Black
Trifecta Pearl 35 pt.
Business Card Printer with Trifecta Paper Pearl White
Trifecta Red 38 pt.
Business Card Printer with Trifecta Paper Red

Alternative Sample Pricing

This sample pricing lets you compare the differences in price created by shape and paper options.
Specs: Quantity 1,000 | Full color both sides | 2.5" x 3.5" (unless otherwise specified) | Paper & Coating 14 pt. gloss cover with high gloss UV coating both sides (unless otherwise specified)
  • Standard Business Card: 2¢ each
  • 16 pt. Premium Matte: 2¢ each
  • 100 lb. Cover Recycled Matte: 2¢ each
  • Rounded Corners: 3¢ each
  • Special Shape Business Card: 6¢ each
    • Applies to leaf, circle, half circle, oval, and wink
  • Square 2x2: 12¢ each
    • Applies to rounded and 90-degree corners
  • Trifecta Green 24 pt.: 6¢ each
  • Other Trifecta: 9¢ each
    • Applies to 35 pt. pearl as well as 38 pt. black, blue, and red
Plus delivery and taxes. Prices not exact.

Business Card Sizes

We print business cards to US standard size, European standard size, and other options.
Widths and heights from 1.5" to 6".

Business Card Quantities

Minimum business card quantity: 250
Then 500, 1,000, 2,500, 5,000
Then increasing in increments of 5,000

Business Card Paper Stock

Recycled Matte Cover 100lb
Gloss Cover 14 pt. (Quality Standard)
Uncoated Cover 14 pt.
Premium Matte Cover 16 pt.
Trifecta with Velvet Finish (24-38 pt.)
Trifecta sides in green, black, red, or blue
Trifecta Pearl, Canvas Finish 35 pt.s

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