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Have you ever had the experience of not being able to remember a person when you see her name in print or hear her name? Later, you see the person's face, and a flood of memories about that person enters your mind. Logos serve as a face for your business. They make your business more memorable. Just like a well groomed person makes a better first impression, a well presented logo makes a positive impression for your company. Let Brazzell Marketing Agency help you make sure that the impressions you make match your high quality of service.

Why Choose Brazzell Marketing Agency for Home Health Care Logos

We make your logo easy for you to use in your office. Many design firms will deliberately send you logos in formats that only designers with special software can use. These file formats are useful in the right hands, but in your office, you also need file formats that will work with your office software like Microsoft Word and Publisher. We do not think that you should be dependent on your professional designer every time you want your logo on a form or you want to send your logo to a website. When you select the full logo design package from Brazzell Marketing Agency, we send you a package of logo files which you can copy and distribute.

Your logo package will contain your logo in all the file formats you need:

  • Versions that are guaranteed to work with your office software.
  • Versions that professional designers can use to put your logo on a pen or put your logo on a billboard.
  • Versions optimized for fax cover sheets and fax use
  • Versions optimized for sending to websites for your internet advertising
  • and more
  • Vector, raster, and one color versions

Brazzell Marketing Agency knows health care marketing. We know where it has been and where it is going. The logo BMA designs for you will be appropriate for your industry and your target audiences.


Custom Logo Design for $189

  • We start by consulting with you to make sure you get a logo that fits your wants and needs.
  • The package includes 4 custom drawings based on your specifications. You choose the option you like best.
  • Unlimited revisions to the chosen design (i.e. change color, change text, re-arrange existing elements)
  • You have the option to receive additional drawings for $41 each
  • We work until you are fully satisfied

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