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Full-Service Logo Design

Home Care Logos and More

Let the home care and healthcare marketing professionals help you every step of the way with a professionally designed logo that will give your agency or practice a competitive advantage.

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Unlike most other options available to businesses, our custom logos contain no stock images or stock logos. This means another business cannot start using your logo, because you have exclusive rights to it. We provide strictly custom-designed logos, whether you order our full-service or our economy logo package.

Your logo influences the effectiveness of all other marketing throughout the life of your business: brochures, signs, websites, advertising, and even handing out a business card. An effective logo need not be complex. Consider Nike. However, an effective logo needs to have the technical strengths to look good wherever you need it; it needs to send the right message; and businesses need to have the right files to give them full control over their brand. There is too much at stake to not involve a marketing and graphic design professional. Our full-service logo package will ensure your brand has a firm footing with a great logo.

Home care logo design process

Our Process

  1. Send in an order form. We schedule a consultation.
  2. We discuss your business, your goals, and logo design concepts.
  3. We develop four options which may involve icons, vertical design, horizontal designs, stylized text, business initials, font options, color options, etc.
  4. Let us know which logo you prefer. Let us know if you would like to see any mixing and matching of elements, font changes, color changes, etc. New drawings are available for additional charges. Revisions are available at no extra charge.
  5. When you approve a logo, we package it in various file types: office use files, large, regular, web-use, one-color, two vector files, and a professional-use layered file. We email this to you in a zip file.
  6. Open the zip file for your office uses. Save a copy of the zip file for use with design professionals. You will never need to ask what file type they want again. Just send the whole zip file, and they will find the file they need.
A home care agency owner at his home care office using his computer to create a design with his home care logo.

Office-Use Files

Your package will contain full-color and one-color files guaranteed to work with your office software. You will have large files for printing and small web-use files that work like lighting in your software, email signatures, and on your website. All files have transparent backs so you can use them over color backgrounds without seeing a white box around your logo.

One-color home care logo

One-Color Files

You will often want to use your logo in one color, but many logos cannot simply be changed with one click. Details get lost and some color logos simply become a blob when you use software like Word to remove their color. You will have separate files optimized to look good in one color. Use them to beautifully float your semi-transparent logo in white over a landscape, to print your logo in black on a steel coffee mug, to embroider your logo in white on a scrub top, etc.

A woman is using a vector version of a home care logo to embroider the home care logo on a shirt.

Vector Files

Raster files are a detailed grid of color squares (aka pixels). Vector files are a collection of calculus formulas that chart out the curves and shapes in your logo. They can be expanded or reduced to any size without losing quality. Moreover, many processes that use robotic arms require vector files: embroidery, cutting an ornament, cutting vinyl to put on a window or tablecloth, cutting the logo into a metal sign or back of a chair, etc. Classic vector file types such as Illustrator or EPS only work in professional-use software. That’s why we give you SVG files (Scalable Vector Graphics). SVGs often work in office software such as Microsoft Word, giving you the advantage of vector files for your office uses as well.

Logo Package Comparison

Feature Full-Service Economy
Consultation Yes No
4 Options Yes Yes
Custom Logo (No Stock Logos) Yes Yes
Full-Color File Yes Yes
One-Color Files Yes No
Transparent Back Yes Yes
Complex Text Designs Available No
Aspect Ratio Options Available 4x1 to 5x1 Only
Vector File Yes No
Revisions Unlimited color, font, and remix Yes, for additional fees
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