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Audio Target Marketing: Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Cumulus, Cox Media

Audio Target Marketing SM

Highly targeted healthcare advertising over combined Internet radio and podcast outlets.

Reach the highest-value audience for your business while leveraging the warmth and influence of the human voice. People are not listening when they are scrolling. Internet radio and podcasts deliver audio ads that people listen to all the way through. Audio Target Marketing combines the listening audiences of Pandora, America’s top news networks, America’s favorite podcasts, and more than 100,000 of the nation’s leading local and regional radio stations. Then we digitally divide that audience by age, income, gender, zip code, and numerous individual attributes so you can target the perfect, high-value audience for your business. Finally, Audio Target Marketing delivers your ads for only pennies per ad play. Call now to discuss your objectives, what to expect from Audio Target Marketing, and the best ways to invest your marketing dollar: 866.272.3799.

The Right Audience for Healthcare Advertising

The stereotype that today’s mature healthcare buyers and elderly are not on digital media is a costly misconception. In fact, in the year 2020, 55% of Americans age 65+ and 67% of people age 45-64 had subscribed to a streaming service. Using Brazzell Marketing Agency’s Audio Target Marketing, you can reach thousands and tens of thousands of high-value audience members at a fraction of conventional prices, even if your desired audience is elderly listeners.

Key Audiences Include

  • Private-duty Home Care: High-income women, age 45+, in your service area. The majority of home care buying decisions are made by this group while managing care for their parents. This group will also include those clients managing their own care.
  • Medicaid Home Care: Low-income women, age 45+.
  • Physical Therapy: Women age 45+ in your same zip code.
  • Veterinary Medicine: High-income pet owners in your city or target counties.
Search Results Now

Search Results Now

Brazzell Marketing Agency's Search Results Now makes a perfect compliment to Audio Target Marketing. Search Results Now uses paid search results in Google and other Internet search websites to make sure people see you when they are looking for your services in your area. Search Results Now gets your website on the first page of Google results literally overnight. Meanwhile, Audio Target Marketing builds brand trust and preference among your highest value target audience, making people more likely to pick your company off lists, to trust your company during the sales process, and to value your offers over those of unknown local competitors.

Combined advertising audience of Pandora, TuneIn, iHeart Radio, and more

Hundreds of Millions of Listeners

Audio Target Marketing’s combined U.S. audience of more than 270 million monthly listeners rivals Facebook’s monthly audience of 255 million users (2020 data).

Advantages of Audio Target Marketing

High-Impact internet radio advertising on Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn


Voice ads (often with music) prove more capable of conveying positive emotions and more memorable. Unlike other INTERNET ads with audio, ads on INTERNET radio and podcasts play all the way through more than 90% of the time, giving your brand much more of the audience’s attention. This makes Audio Target Marketing ads a strong tool in building brand value in your neighborhoods and with your prime audience.
Patient education articles for your home health websites and physical therapy websites


Unlike search advertising and directory advertising, Audio Target Marketing serves your ads to the same people with repetition. Your communities learn your brand for now and the future.

Branding on internet radio advertising and podcast commercials.


While your ads play, your logo and professionally created graphic designs display on the screen, further promoting your brand. This feature may not be available with every ad play or every distribution channel.

Click-through ability on Pandora internet radio advertising


Interested listeners can click through to your website, learn more, and connect with you, just like with other digital advertising. This feature may not be available with every ad play or every distribution channel.

Targeting seniors in healthcare advertising on Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, podcasts, and internet radio.


Pay only when your ads are heard by the people in your chosen target market. Build your audience by geography, income, gender, age, and/or a host of personal characteristics such as pet owner, business owner, etc.
Home Care Search Engine Optimization


We define an audience that is the right size for your budget. Even with a small budget, thousands of high-value members of your target audience can hear your commercials repeatedly, conveying a sense of importance for your brand.

Our Package

  • Initial consultation to help determine the best target audience and message for your business.
  • One initial commercial production and up to one new commercial production every 90 days. This also includes development of the graphic designs and display on screen while your ads is playing.
  • Playing of your ads on INTERNET music, streaming shows, and podcast delivery channels with delivery only to your specified audience. Distribution channels include Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Cloud 10, ESPN Radio, and more. (11/21/20)
  • Quarterly advertising performance reports sent by email.
  • Prices starting around only 2.7 pennies per ad play (all-inclusive). Cost per ad play goes down as your investment goes up. See the order form for exact pricing options.

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