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Logging In, Passwords, cPanel, and More Help

Logging In

To log in to cPanel, go to any one of the following addresses:

Choose the "Enter Here" button on the left. If your computer is at a large company with a firewall, you may need to choose the "Enter Here" button on the right.

Enter your username and password that Brazzell Marketing Agency provided to you. Note, your email is not your username.

When entering a password provided by Brazzell Marketing Agency, copy and paste that password, being careful not to copy a blank space at the beginning or end. Your password may not contain spaces.


Short for "control panel," cPanel is the software that lets people access and control most of the functions available in your website hosting. It is perhaps the most common hosting management software. Even website companies that may not appear to be using it at first, are actually running a customized version of cPanel. One of the many advantages of this is that you can Google for help with any question about how to use cPanel, and there will be a world of answers available, including the help files from the cPanel company themselves.

Pro-Tip: Kudos to the cPanel developers for putting text labels on all links, not just icons. If you have instructions to click a certain link, press CTRL + F on your computer and search for the text in that link. You can jump straight to the option you need without having to hunt for it.

Passwords and Lost Passwords

Password Not Working? This is usually one of two things which are easily corrected.

  1. Blank spaces: You are copying blank spaces when copying and pasting the password. Blank spaces are not emptiness. They are characters to a computer, just like any letter. If you have one at the beginning or end of your password, your password will be wrong. Be careful not to copy a blank space at the beginning or end of the password.
  2. Wrong username: Note, your username is the text provided to you at enrollment. Your username is not your email address.

Lost Password?

  1. Notice that you have a password reset option at the login screen. The first input requested is your username. Note, your username is not your email address. Your username is text provided to you when you first enrolled in Brazzell Marketing Agency hosting. If you know your username, click "Reset Password," and enter your username on the next screen. cPanel will then email a password reset link to the email address you already have in your cPanel profile.
  2. If you don't know your username or you don't know what email cPanel has in your profile, no problem. Simply email Brazzell Marketing Agency to request a password reset, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page. Be sure to tell us your company name. We will reset your cPanel password and reply to your email with all your login information.

Your server is a top target for hackers. Hackers want to use your server to quickly send thousands of spam emails, infect visitors to your website with viruses, and other criminal activities. To protect your powerful hosting account, please always use top-strength passwords (including passwords for control panel access and webmail).

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