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  About SecurePanel.US

SecurePanel.US exclusively features the Brazzell Unlimited Hosting plan. It is Brazzell Marketing Agency's industry-leading hosting, which is an upgrade from the traditional cPanel hosting. It's designed for 100% uptime, consitently high speeds, HIPAA-compliant email, PCI-compliant hosting, unlimited storage, and economical pricing.
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Free and Paid Technical Support from Brazzell Marketing Agency

Inclusive with your hosting and domain fees, Brazzell Marketing Agency will provide all support needed to ensure the hosting platform is functioning. Help with password resets is also inclusive with your hosting fees. Most other technical support is available as paid support, on a time-fee basis. An individual guided tour of SecurePanel.US is also available as paid support.

Examples of paid support include helping you when you have purchased a domain from a different company, but you want to use it with SecurePanel. This can include helping with both the settings needed where you purchased your domain and the settings needed on SecurePanel.US. Paid support is also available if you need to change settings here to make an email service elsewhere work with your domain.

Optimal email setup can make a big difference to the operations and marketing effectiveness of an agency or practice. We are happy to provide consultation as needed. To engage with paid support, start by submitting the time-fee work agreement. Then email your questions and/or screenshots of your challenge. Alternatively, email to request an appointment.

Logging In, Passwords, cPanel, and More Help

Logging In

Login to SecurePanel at:

Your username is your email address. We recommend using an email address that is not in this hosting account, such as your Gmail or Yahoo address. You can use this email address to reset your password if needed.

In SecurePanel, you can create and manage email accounts. You can also control other functions and settings here.

Login to Webmail at:

Employees can log in here to access their own email, without having access to everyone else’s email or other administrative functions. To log in to a specific email account, use that email account as the username.

Lost Password

At https://SecurePanel.US, you can use your email address to reset your password. If this is not working for you, you can contact Brazzell Marketing Agency to have your login credentials reset and emailed to you: Contact Us.

Password Not Working

The most common reason an otherwise correct password would not work is blank spaces. People copy and paste a blank space at the beginning or end of the password. Copy your password being careful not to not pick up a blank space at the beginning or end.

Change Your SecurePanel.US Password

From SecurePanel home:
Account » Security Details.

Contact Details

If sending bulk emails to all hosting clients, we will use the contact details you have set in your SecurePanel. From SecurePanel home, click Account and Contact Details.

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