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Custom website designs starting at only $693.

To order a $693 website design, select the first two discounts in the discount section below.

Recommended Website Package:

  • Annual domain name registration. Privacy is free. No one can look up your contact information in the domain registry, and we monitor incoming emails from the domain registry. The first year of domain registration is free with hosting.
  • Our premium, HIPAA-compliant hosting account.
    • Unlimited number of HIPAA-compliant company email addresses.
    • HIPAA-compliant Webmail.
    • Editing software allowing you to edit the website yourself.
    • No limit on the number of additional websites you can put in this hosting account or domains you can buy for this hosting account.
    • HTTPS creating the reassuring lock symbol in the address bar and encrypting data collected over your website - important for SEO, encouraging visitors to fill out contact forms, keeping passwords secure, HIPAA compliance, and collecting payments online.
  • Custom-designed, custom-written, 5-page website.
    • Each page can be custom-designed as needed.
    • We do the writing for you.
    • We start with a telephone consultation to learn about your unique business and your goals for your website. Then we do all the writing and design, present a proof to you, and edit as needed. After you place this order, we will contact you to schedule your consultation.
    • Five pages typically include home, about us, services, careers (with online pre-application), and contact. We help you decide what your pages will be during the consultation.
    • No extra charges for images out of our extensive library of stock photography.
    • No extra charges for video from our extensive library, to be used as a header or as an image replacement. Extra charges do apply for commercial production including music, scripts, and voice actors. See below.
    • Mobile-friendly (responsive) design.
    • On-page search engine optimization (so search engines such as Google will index it properly). Includes keyword strategy, keyword density management, title tags, keyword tags, description tags, and alt tags.
    • Design adherent with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
  • Visitor tracking service so you can have stats on the number of website visitors, what pages they viewed, and much more. Monthly visitor reports by email.
  • Announcement to all the major search engines to ensure fast indexing.
  • Up to three proofs - the first proof plus two rounds of revisions. Additional edits are available on a time-fee basis
Price: $1,026
We will charge your card as we begin the design and setup process. In subsequent years, according to your preference, we charge annually or monthly to continue the hosting and domain name.
Pick Your Discounts

I have the website hosting elsewhere. (For the full-service experience, we recommend using our hosting.)

I will provide the writing in an electronic format, divided by website page, that BMA can copy and paste instead of writing.

Instead of paying $99 per year for hosting, pay $8.99 per month. This will reduce your initial bill $90.01. This discount cannot be used in combination with the hosting discount above.

Optional Enhancements

You may add or delete additional pages by verbal instructions during consultation or at any point before website design work begins. After design work is done, additional pages may or may not have different costs. Use the fields below to order additional pages now.

x $119 We write and design the additional pages
x $59 You provide the text for additional pages

Commercial or explainer video production including voiceover, script writing, music, stock footage, stock photography, graphics, and animated text.

Commercial or explainer video production including voiceover, script writing, music, stock footage, stock photography, graphics, and animated text.

A massive resources page that doesn't make the mistake of directing visitors off your website. Instead, give them a reason to come back. The Health Information Library contains thousands of authoritatively sourced, patient-oriented articles, all in both English and Spanish. The articles are constantly updated, but there are no recurring charges to you!
More information: Health Information Library

My Recruiter is an application we install on your website that enables you to post and manage unlimited help wanted ads to your website, Google Job Search, and other free job boards on the Internet. No recurring fees. This is a one-time licensing and installation fee.
More info: My Recruiter

Make sure you have the best online reviews on Google, Facebook, and beyond. Ask your customers to review you on your own website. If it's a good review, the Review Director automatically gets them to share it on the other sites that matter to you (be that Yelp, HealthGrades, Google, Facebook, etc.) No recurring fees.
More info: Review Director

An area that automatically flips through multiple images. Usually this is used to highlight company strengths or website navigation options. If you are looking for a simple presentation of stock images in an animated way, consider a video header.

Social media pages

Professionally designed and set up for you and then linked or otherwise integrated with your website.

SEO, search results advertising, email newsletters done for you, posting done for you on blogs and social media, appearing on the first page of Google in 24 hours, and more are available by separate order forms. You'll see some of these important options on your confirmation screen.

Brazzell Marketing Terms of Service:

Technical support for domains and hosting purchased from other providers is not included in design fees but is available on a time-fee basis. Changing the order after work has begun will cause us to go over our time budget for your order. After design work has begun, significant changes to original specifications (for example: changing the logo, number of locations, or changing the focus of the website from one type of business to another type of business) will result in additional fees. Logo design work is not included in website design fees. Animations, video commercial production, software production, and app development are excluded from this agreement unless specifically included. After a site is considered approved, additional work on the site is available at an additional charge. This contract includes three proofs - the initial proof plus two rounds of revisions. Revision requests should be sent, in writing, within 90 days of the date when BMA provides the initial proof. After 90 days, the site is considered approved, and additional work is available at the normal fee. This order includes the initial consultation to discuss the business, services, goals for the website, etc. Free revisions in this order are for the purpose of satisfying the original order and are not meant for updates. A page is considered roughly the amount of content that would fill 1,600 pixels by 1,600 pixels with relatively tight formatting (excluding the space taken by the main menu, full-width images, and the footer). That's about one desktop screen of content by height with a normal width. Page content that requires double or triple that amount of space may require additional charges. If you are not using our hosting, we will upload the website to the hosting account you specify via FTP access. Any other access type may result in additional fees. If you cannot provide working FTP login credentials, we will email the entire website to you so you can install it in the hosting account of your choice. If FTP access to third-party hosting is provided only after design work has begun, managing unexpected issues created by the third-party hosting may require additional charges. For convenient, problem-free service, we recommend using our hosting and registering domains through us.

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